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Eternal Exodus development update: new content, revamped Dead Plains

It's been a while since I've posted an update here about Eternal Exodus. Most of the updates have been posted on the game's Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the game's subreddit /r/eternalexodus. If you're curious to hear news about the game more frequently, I post regular updates on all of those.

Alas, here's what's new recently:

New content

Since the last time I posted, two new dungeons have been designed, bringing the total up to four. All of the content for one (including its cutscenes and boss battle) is done, while the other needs to be programmed still. I've decided to focus on designing map layouts for a while before returning to wrap that up; it seems like things will go faster that way by minimizing the context-switching that's involved when jumping from one type of workflow to another.

Revamp of the Dead Plains

Much of the game's art has been redrawn in the past year, by an amazing artist who goes by the name Makorie.

Among this new art is the art for the Dead Plains dungeon, the second dungeon of the game.

PIctured below, you can see some of the new art, as well as a preview of some new bridge puzzle mechanics being added to make the dungeon a little more interesting. Since it's only the game's second dungeon, the puzzle will be kept intentionally simple, but it will add some variety to the experience.

Bridge puzzle preview in Dead Plains dungeon of Eternal Exodus
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