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About Bootworm Racing

This is a minigame/sidequest consisting of four races in which you control a pet Bootworm.

You can make the races easier by finding items scattered across the world and bringing them to your Bootworm. There are food items that increase your Bootworm's maximum stamina or stamina regeneration rate, armor/weapons that make your Bootworm go faster, books that teach spells, and a can of paint that just turns your Bootworm red.

Make sure you bring your items to Bootworm Farm so your character gives them to your Bootworm, otherwise they won't be used.

If you win all four races, you'll be granted a giant trophy that goes in your house. This trophy spawns all three powerups.

Unlocking the Bootworm Racing minigame

In level 2-3: Ice Castle, climb the ladder and head left. There's a secret exit just past the stairs. This unlocks the path to Bootworm Island, where the Bootworm Racing minigames take place.

Book locations

  • Red book: get a double-jump powerup (or the winged boots from the Ancient Castle sidequest), and then go to level 1-3: Cavernous Depths. Near the end of the level, jump onto the vertical platforms that require a double-jump, and go left. Follow that path to find the book.
  • Green book: at the start of level 2-1, go to the fireball powerup on top of the first aerial platforms. The green book is to the left of that.
  • Orange book: this is found in the Oasis level in the top-right corner of the world map. To unlock that Oasis level, find the exit in level 3-4: Cactus Valley. That exit requires a double-jump (or the winged boots from the Ancient Castle sidequest). Simply jump onto the aerial platform to the right of the bridge at the end of the level to find the secret exit.

Food locations

  • Apple: located in 1-1: Royal Road after climbing the ladder and going left.
  • Banana: located in the cave-looking section of level 3-1: Sunset Island.
  • Sushi: get a double-jump powerup (or the winged boots from the Ancient Castle sidequest), and then go to level 3-4: Cactus Valley. Jump up onto the aerial platform near the start of the level (immediately past the first water oasis).

Equipment locations

  • Sword: visible at the start of level 2-3: Ice Castle. Progress toward the secret exit, but instead of entering the secret exit, enter the stairs you encounter toward the end. The sword is found at the end of the path after entering the stairs.
  • Helmet: found in level 2-2: Frosty Mountain. On the sleigh ride at the end of the level, when you see the coins leading up-and-right, jump. The helmet is in the air, at the end of that coin path.
  • Armor: found in level 3-2: Dry, Dry Desert. Immediately after the third water section is a platform with two Scorpuclaws walking on it. The armor is in the air, immediately to the right of that platform.
  • Red paint bucket: found in level 3-2: Dry, Dry Desert, below the armor.
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